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We are a profitable company which manufacture laboratory’s equipment for environment’s analysis, health, education and industry, committed with human development, providing opportunities to their works.


Achieve global recognition as a manufacturer of laboratory equipment, reaching a 5 %$ share in the national market and sell an equal amount in central and South America, supported in a quality and innovation policy, this will be effective through a whole promotion program, market coverage and attention and response structure.

The Market will be focus on potential dealers and emerging companies such as PEMEX, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and biosafety

Searching market and opportunities will always be active


Novatech is an innovative company, manufacturer of reliable laboratory´s equipment, with presence on national and international market, which seeks be different through the customer service and continuous improvement.
Our Mexican technology is world class and supported by quality management system ISO 9001-2015

Quimilab Diseño y Equipamiento de Laboratorios
Muebles de acero inoxidable Mesas Mobiliario de Polipropileno
GLASSTECH Equipo de Laboratorio fabricado en MEXICO
Equipos para analisis de agua
Microscopios Digitales de Epifluorescencia Mexico
Balanzas Laboratorio
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